There are many great opportunities to volunteer and get involved with the school, including for our Special Events, Kiss ‘n Drop, Fun Lunches, Teacher Appreciation initiatives and more. 

We THANK YOU in advance for helping make our children’s experiences that much richer and for helping us show our appreciation to an amazing school staff! 🙂

Security Clearance Process
To help ensure the safety of students, staff
and volunteers, all CBE volunteers are
required to complete a security clearance
before volunteering.

The clearances are:
– Valid for 5 years at any CBE School
-Free to apply

Kiss ‘n Drop


We continue to offer a Kiss ‘n Drop scheme at Tuscany School.  The dual purpose of this scheme is to support students to arrive safely at school and alleviate traffic and parking congestion during morning drop off times.  This program relies heavily on volunteers, so please, if you are an early bird and can spare some time before starting the day, Tuscany School Kiss ‘n Drop would love to hear from you.

Please click HERE to sign up for a shift.

Thank you!